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EDM Dj's aka Electronic Cash Kings! Made Millions in 2017!

The Highest paid dj for 5 straight years in a row. Is Calvin Harris 48.5 Million, from Producing hits with Pharrel Williams and Big Sean. TIesto is #2 with 39 Million, the dutch dj is a young 48 year old, money making machine. Coming in a #3 The Chainsmokers 38 Million with much of their success of 2017 coming from festivals and producing music. Skirillex placed #4 with 30 Million from touring and licensing. And number #5 Diplo 28.5 Million who also made the bulk of that, from touring and licensing. You may not like EDM but you must respect it. Men lie women lie the number don't. Much Love to All my EDM dj's

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